FSC Family

LaVelle Prince

Executive Director


Tiffany Sullivan-Raban

Nursery Manager & Family Advocate


Leanne Johanson

Program Coordinator


Kyla Miller

Compliance Coordinator


Kaelyn Lammert

Adoption Respite Coordinator

Kathleen Sullivan

Adoption Respite Coordinator

Danika Rasmussen

Crisis Caregiver

Kaitlyn Brin

Crisis Caregiver

Board Members

Nicole Wiggins

Board President

Susan Christiansen

Board Member

I am Susan Christiansen.  I have five children and I am married to Brett Christiansen.  I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s of Science in the field of Family Science.  I enjoy pickle ball, reading, cooking, golfing, exercising, traveling, learning and most importantly, being with my family.  I have really enjoyed being on the board of the Family Support Center.  I feel that the family is fundamental to a healthy and thriving society.  As we support families in our community we build strength not only in the family unit but in the community and throughout the world.