Client Success Stories

They were able to watch my kids when I had to rush to the hospital when I was pregnant. Having 5 kids makes it difficult to have one on one time with the kids.  We love our dates!  I am grateful to have some mommy self-care time as well. 

When I moved to St. George, I had an undiagnosed mental disorder and was in active addiction and wanted to quit for me and my family.  To do this, I needed to attend a group twice a week and go to individualized therapy.  I moved to St. George due to a domestic violence concern with no job and no place to live.  At this point, I had no idea how I was going to afford daycare to obtain the help I needed so greatly.   My therapist referred me to the Family Support Center.  Not only did they provide me with a place for my children to be safe while I got help, but when we finally got approved for housing, they assisted us with resources for food, dishes, clothing.  To this day, our family is in a MUCH better place due to all the support not sure the same would be true if you all had not been so gracious and kind.

We love the Family Support Center. We have been going there for years. When I first learned about it, I was having a lot of trouble with my oldest child. She has autism and was having a lot of behavior issues. We didn’t know she had autism at the time and I was needing some respite and help. They were so good to work with her and not just turn her away because of behavior issues. They brought on extra staff when she was there to make sure I could still use the blessing of all they provide. Looking forward to this little break each week is what kept me sane. Then when my husband left for military training is when I really saw how much they truly wanted to help me. I felt like I had an “out.” A way to get some help if I needed it. The support was amazing and I am forever grateful for them during that time. My kids are so familiar with the staff and the house now. They love coming. When I tell them it’s the day for the sitters (that’s what we call it) they shout for joy! I love the staff and my kids love them too, but what I love most is how much the staff love my kids! It is important as parents to be able to trust the people you leave your kids with and I know when I leave that they are in good hands and are being taken care of well. We have and will continue to tell everyone we know about this place. It has saved me in so many ways. It is crazy what 3 hours a week can do to help you be a better parent! We love the Family Support Center!!

We have been using the Family Support Center for 3 years now.  We love it. Our kids look forward to going.  They have given us so much support whether it be classes on how to raise our children, date nights, or when I have given birth.  They always have fun things for our kids.  They have given us clothes, diapers, and fun crafts.  We love the support center.  We are so grateful for them.  With five children 6 and under its hard to pay for date nights.  And best of all the support center is free.  We love you!  Thank you.

We have been using the Family Support Center for over five years.  All of the Staff are amazing!  We are so blessed to know we can safely depend on everybody here.  We would be devastated without them.

Prior to finding the Family Support Center I was struggling with depression and anxiety. I was managing 3 children under age 5 while pregnant with another. In addition, my daughter (18 months at the time) has moderate/severe hearing loss and required a LOT of extra time, attention and appointments. In my darkest hour the FSC was a beacon of hope when I could not find it elsewhere. The stress of going to prenatal appointments with 3 young children was gone thanks to FSC. Then my 4th child was born with more severe hearing loss and speech therapy appointments started with my daughter. This only increased the demands that I was already facing. The FSC made managing the emotional distress of all these things possible. They give me somewhere safe for my kids to go where I know they will be well cared for while I attend appointments or simply just need a break.  Few people will ever know the impact the FSC has to the community, to families and especially to parents/caregivers who are struggling with emotional, financial or familial stressors.  I do not know where I would be or where my family would be if it were not for the Family Support Center. I will be forever grateful for the selfless sacrifice and the loving and tender care they provide to my family and to me. Thank you!